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VL-10 (based on the Stradivarius 1703 model)

  • String length (from bridge to nut) = 335 mm.

  • Spruce soundboard and curly Maple back, both carved with the utmost care and rigour to obtain the optimum balance of tone.

  • Ebony fingerboard, tailpiece and tuning pegs. 

  • The varnish is a hand-applied alcohol-based lacquer, to which is added certain components to favour its elasticity and colour.

Resonance Viola (original design by Sedo Garcia)

  • Available with 4 strings (A-D-G-C like viola) or 5 strings (E-A-D-G-C like five-string violin). 

  • 8 resonance strings with steel tuning pins on the back of the peghead and precision micro-tuners on the bottom of the sides, near the tailpiece root.

  • String length (from bridge to nut) = 350 mm. ​

  • Spruce soundboard with purfling or marquetry binding.

  • Maple sides and back. 

  • Maple neck and Rosewood peghead cover with purflings.

  • Ebony pegs, fingerboard and tailpiece.

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