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LM-10 mandola mediterrània

  • European Spruce soundboard (softly arched by the interior bracing)

  • back (softly arched by the interior bracing) and sides available in Maple, American Walnut, Spanish Walnut or Rosewood

  • Neck available in Mahogany or Maple, with tension-adjusting Steel truss rod

  • Ebony fingerboard with Bone or Pearl inlays

  • Peghead front in Rosewood or Walnut, with purfling (inlays opcional) and Schaller machine pegs

  • Compensated bridge in Ebony or Rosewood

  • Hand-applied alcohol-based lacquer


  • Wood.

  • Strings

  • Other assets.


  • Wood.

  • Strings

  • Other assets.

LA-10 llaüt àrab 

  • European Spruce soundboard with purfling or marquetry and carved wooden rosettes 

  • Almond-shaped shell formed by steam-bent staves available in Indian Rosewood, Spanish Walnut, American Walnut, combinations of these with Maple, among other options

  • Mahogany or softwood neck with decorative hardwood trim

  • Rosewood or Ebony pegs

  • Ebony fingerboard with purfling and iBone or Pearl inlays

  • Ebony or Rosewood bridge

  • Wooden scratchplate inlaid on the soundboard

  • hand-applied alcohol-based lacquer

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